Resist with Knowledge, Truth and Facts

Resist with Knowledge, Truth and Facts

At the present there is no ‘vaccination’ that prevents from getting infected with COVID19.

There exist medical substances that possibly prevent severe cause of diseases, but not moderate or mild disease or stops infections.

Where is the reasoning behind mandating the ‘vaccine’? The name is wrong from the start, as use of vaccines have one purpose, not getting infected. Thus, current substances are not functioning as they should.

In countries applying 2G QR code regulation, large number of vaccinated students and young professionals have been infected with Delta variant, followed shortly getting infected again with Omicron. The use of discriminatory measures like 2G are inefficient and are not preventing others getting infected. The 2G, that allows vaccinated people occupying closed places without masks and testing, have resulted to large amount of European countries drowning under tsunami of cases. They are still blaming unvaccinated people, who have no access to public life for them. There’s only Governments inefficient measures to blame.

When does the Governments stop pushing measures that are not only ineffective, but are dividing the nations? The Health Ministers are asking people to get boosted, without ordering prior medical examinations and blood tests to assess the immune system. Recently Pfizer has listed immune compromised individuals on list, that shouldn’t receive vaccine. It has been proven that the vaccine is lowering persons natural immunity, waking up past infections that were in remission, like Herpes, Varicella and EBV. These diseases can become active mostly when persons immunity system is lowered. Without analysing each person individually, how do the healthcare professionals assure the safety of the boosters at all?

Common understanding of the sentence “Benefits outweigh the risks” are used when the risks can be predicted and mitigated, at the present no one really cares. They let people who are not trained physicians to administer vaccines everywhere, without follow up of the people up to 30 minutes for any adverse reactions. The “Risks” of excessive boosting are not known. Recently many newly boosted individuals got infected with Omicron, making it evident the boosting isn’t preventing new infections either, neither it prevented mild and moderate disease.

Everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated should stand in solidarity, side by side and demand answers from the Government. Demand accountability and right to get involved in decision making, that are directly affecting everyone’s life. Demand your Government to lift the 2G immediately and allow everyone access to services and work. Negative test result and masks offer better protection that Governments induced ‘freedom’ for some and house arrest for others!

The trust towards the Government’s ability to handle a pandemic is gone, together with the trust of Government spending of public funds. Paying Billions of Euros to Pfizer, Moderna, AZ, Johnson & Johnson for something that doesn’t work.

Together we can overcome the pandemic without Governments hysteric ever changing regulations. Knowledge is the best defense against Tyranny as TRUTH and FACTS can invalidate each false statement and regulation placed. People, hold your governments accountable while you still can!

Human rights are for all and these must be respected. Mandatory vaccination is one of the greats violation against them! Everyone has right to freedom, home, work and taking medical decisions over one’s body. These are non-negotiable human rights.

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